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Margaret River Fresh Beef in Vietnam

The Margaret River Fresh trademark is registered with IP Australia to Western Meat Packers Group and is used exclusively to package its premier beef products, as displayed at ‘Food and Hotel Vietnam’.

Western Meat Packers Group last week participated in and exhibited at Vietnam’s leading food and hospitality event, ‘Food and Hotel Vietnam’.

WMPG CEO Andrew Fuda said the response of existing and prospective WMPG customers this year was beyond all expectations, with orders taken and considerable interest shown in the company’s ‘high-end’ Margaret River Fresh beef product.

“While the Margaret River region has long been globally recognised for its fine wines, it is now also acknowledged for its fine food and our Margaret River Fresh branded beef is leading the way by giving our customers a taste sensation second to none,” Mr Fuda said.

“We’ve always made a point of taking every opportunity to spend time with customers and prospects in all of our export markets.

“Building strong relationships is particularly important in South East Asian countries such as Vietnam where the people and cultures put a high price on trust between seller and buyer.

“As a family-owned company since 1983, WMPG has always treated our customers like family, where trust and honesty is all important,” he said.

Western Meat Packers Group promoted its exclusive Margaret River Fresh brand at ‘Food and Hotel Vietnam’, April 24-26. In its 10th year, the event is held at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center, Ho Chi Minh City. WMPG also participated in 2017.

The Margaret River Fresh trademark is registered with IP Australia to WMPG and used exclusively to package the group’s premier products, according to WMPG CEO, Andrew Fuda, who hosted the company’s stand at the event.

Cattle are selected after grazing on their natural pastures and then raised and fattened almost exclusively on pasture, before carrying the Margaret River Fresh brand after processing at the WMPG abattoir located on 250ha in the Margaret River region.

“In all our export markets, including Vietnam, Japan, Korea, USA, Hong Kong and Singapore, there is high demand for sustainably sourced, clean products and the Margaret River region is renowned for these qualities,” Mr Fuda said.

Authorised by Western Meat Packers Group and issued on its behalf by Brendon Cant of BCA PR, Tel 09 9430 9463 or Mobile 0417 930 536.

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