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Coffee institution causing a hubbub 

Most days at Brew-Ha in Subiaco begin around 6.30am with theearly morning joggers and lycra-clad milling around in the alfresco area in anticipation of their first caffeine hit. Commuters on their way to work shortly follow before the mums arrive,looking for a slice of serenity after school dropoff. Casually chatting semi-retired locals and mid-morning business meetings are usually wrapped-up in time for the lunchtime rush followed by the babycappuccino crowd.

Ham&CheeseAn institution, Subiaco’s Brew-Ha has been instrumental in Perth’s coffee and tea culture for the past 20 years. Although the small roasting machine on display can no longer accommodate the volume of beans roasted in-house, it’s a reminder of how far Brew-Ha and Perth’s coffee scene has come.

Reminiscent of the grand coffee houses of Europe, albeit a more relaxed version, Brew-Ha is more than a café, but a community where efficient service and great coffee are a given. Complementing the coffee, food offerings include crunchy baguettes, quiches, frittatas, vegetarian wraps, fruit salads, muffins and pastries.

The staff don’t even need name tags, so natural is their rapport with their regulars. Those relationships haven’t only been cultivatedbetween the staff and their customers, but also between the regulars themselves and many a friendship has been formed within Brew-Ha’s inviting walls.

James Cockroft, who is a chef by trade, has been with Brew-Ha forDSC_2330 over 14 years. The flow of traffic both for sit-down service and takeaways is constant, and James said, “The lines outside the window for takeaway coffee quickly disperseas we usually have our regulars’ coffee ready by the time they’ve put away their wallets.” That’s impressive considering Brew-Ha makes asmanyas 300 coffees an hour, and sometimes two or three a day for their most zealouscoffee aficionados.

Using 100% Arabica coffee beans and working closely with specialty roasters, James has developed a special six-bean blend from Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Papua New Guinea, India and Ethiopia. Brew-Ha co-owner Grant Johnston said about James’ dedication and work ethic, “He has a good heart, which shows through with the culture and passionate staff.”Arange of blended and single origin coffees are also available to purchaseas whole beans or ground to suit.

IMG_9857While the Subiaco café has stood the test of time within Perth’s ever-changingdining landscape, Brew-Ha made an exciting addition to the family.

Brew-Ha Ritual opened in 2016 in the city’s KingsSquare and is surroundedby several other eateries, a child care centre, a gym, gardens and art installations within the urban enclave. The precinct is well-placed to service the city’s apartments, offices, hotels and train station, including extensive end-of-trip facilities catering to cyclists.

With easy access to the many attractions of the city and Northbridge, such as the Perth Arena, Perth Cultural Centre, Forest Chase, King Street,and the Hay and Murray Street Malls, Brew-Ha Ritual had a bit of breathing space to perfect its offerings during the construction of the surrounding precincts. Unless you were already one of their loyal regularssuch as the cyclists, suits and shoppers seeking out their favourite coffee, a dose of Vitamin D and speedy service in the city.

Following the same winning formula as its mothership, the menu has been craftedaround the coffee,thanks tothe creative talents of Chef Gabriele Canini. With most of the food made in-house, Brew-Ha RitualmanagerTye Short said of the food:“Gabriele understands the essential pairings of flavours when preparing our dishes.”

The vegan curry, house-made granola, green smoothies, quiches,and classic ham and cheese croissants areDSC_2558 constant crowd pleasers, andGabriele shines with his salads. “His tasty kale, broad bean and tomato salad served with a grilled panini at $12.90 appeals to our value-drivenaudience,” said Grant. Sweet offerings such as the homemade carrot cake with pepitas and cookie crumble icing have kept many a business meeting and morning tea satiated.

While Subiaco has a wellestablished coffee culture, Brew-Ha Ritual plugs into the city’s dynamic energy. Drawing on the elements of its urban location, architect Eva Sue from Woods Bagot Architectshastaken advantage of the lofty spaces to createa chic, light filled, urban oasis. No wonder it’s a hit with the office and retail workers craving a respite from the daily grind for a slice of Perth sunshine.

BrewHa-15_HRCommitted to reducing waste by using environmentally friendly products, discounts are givento those bringing refillable cups. Live performances, raffles, fundraising, gift cards, take home bags of beans and ground coffee plus a range of coffee related products are all part of Brew-Ha’s community ethos.

Brew-Ha was one of the first cafes in Perth to roast their owncoffee, a novel concept for the ‘90s, where it was rare even to find freshlyground beans. Nowaround 100 coffee roasters caterto Perth’s café culture. The competition is lively, and yet Brew-Ha not only continues to serve its loyal followingbut has added a new innercity community to its family.

Deriving its name from brouhaha, meaning commotion, add in the ritual of coffee and you’ve got Brew-Ha; a café community causing a hubbub.


By Carmen Jenner



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