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Dusit Thai Restaurant

249 James street, Northbridge

Ph: (08) 9328 7647

To Thai For

It Is exhilarating to walk into a beautiful restaurant. Dusit Thai has the ambience of the exotic, yet has quality written all over it, from the warm timber and red palette, gold carvings, antique jars in soaring glass columns, right down to the impressively folded napkins.

Khun Somkiat and Khun Mary originally owned Dusit Thai until two years ago when three sisters took over. these women are from a family of restaurateurs in Nakhonsawan (which means “heaven place”) north of Bangkok. they and their thai husbands run this establishment, with plenty of good experience behind them.

However, they have not changed the Dusit chef. Kittichai Chaimanee has been here for seven years. there are many awards hanging on the walls, the latest being the Gold Plate awards for 2011 and 2012.

I chatted with Tasanee and her husband Nivet, who were charismatic and passionate about thai cuisine and about tantalising people not only with authentic thai flavours, but also with their fabulous presentation.

The three sisters test new dishes, but maintain the old favourites for their popularity. Some dishes, such as Tom Yum soup are authentic, and Dusit makes a clear soup, not well known in Australia. Thai Beef salad is also authentic.

Many curries (they have a special curry chef), sauces and dumplings are made in house. WA produce is valued at Dusit, and they are developing their own brand of products, soon to be available on the shelves.

The Thai Fish Dumplings were so flavourful, with kaffir lime enhancing the delicious flesh. served with a gorgeous purple orchid (some thai orchids are edible, but usually cooked as a specialty) and a delightful sweet chilli sauce, containing peanuts and cucumber – homemade of course, it had just the right heat.

The dish was complemented by a 2013 Tim Adams Pinot Gris, from Clare Valley, SA, bringing out the delicate flavour of the dumplings.

With Spicy Steamed Seafood in Young Coconut we both exclaimed “Wow” when we saw the whole coconut oozing with creamy seafood curry. the king prawns were exceptional in size, texture and taste, and with scallops and big fish pieces, the sauce was rich and delightful, the flesh of the coconut making for a velvety texture. In Thailand the coconut meat is left until the curry is served and then it is scooped out.

Phad Thai Prawns: yes, I know nearly all Australians have tried Phad Thai, but this is the best I have tasted. the noodles were a perfect texture, the prawns fresh and firm, and of course the sauce was delightful, topped with lots of crushed roasted peanuts and crisp bean sprouts. the Pinot Gris was a perfect match for me, enhancing all the combined flavours.

Lamb Shanks Deep Fried were enough for more than two and garnished with cream and yellow orchids! They had been slow cooked in herbs and spices, before being fried and topped with Dusit’s spicy, tangy sauce, which had a sturdy sweet and sour zing. The meat was sweet and tender and was a good match with the 2011 Rosily Merlot, Margaret River, which cut back the sweetness. This was part of the Modern Australian Thai menu. Pineapple Fried Rice; another knockout presentation, was served in a whole pineapple. So simple but divine. Faultlessly cooked rice, fresh pineapple flesh, chicken chunks, large cashews and a touch of shallots and coriander. I enjoyed this with my lamb shanks.

Kao-neow sticky Rice, Coconut Ice cream and Jackfruit: a match made in heaven. say no more!

Dusit Thai is a glamorous, sophisticated restaurant, lovely for a wedding, party, romantic dinner or family gathering. The food is fresh and delicious.

There is a banquet for four available, which includes 10 dishes. Vegetarian and Gluten Free options are available and plentiful. Dusit Thai is open for dinner every night, and for lunch on Thursday, Friday and Sunday. On Sundays a buffet is available for lunch and dinner.

By Frances Myshell

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